Tourism Forecasts for Australia 2022 to 2027 now available

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) have published the first domestic and international Tourism Forecasts since the start of the pandemic.

Domestic overnight trip and day trip expenditure moved higher than pre-pandemic peaks this year. They are projected to reach $137.9 billion and $41.1 billion respectively by 2027. TRA forecasts the number of visitor nights will surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

International visitor expenditure is expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels in 2024. TRA forecasts this to increase to $48.8 billion by 2027. Visitor arrivals are forecast to move higher than pre-pandemic levels in 2025 and total 11 million by 2027.

By 2027, New Zealand Europe, the US, UK and India are projected be among Australia’s leading sources of international visitors, with China also expected to return to prominence over the forecast period.

Further details about the latest forecasts here and read the Federal Minister’s full media release here