Insight | The travellers that bring the most value to the visitor economy

There are many ways travellers bring value to Australia but new research indicates, focusing on well-off weekenders may pay dividends to our visitor economy in dollar terms.

Forecasts issued late last year indicate that domestic tourism will begin its rebound in 2022. This is due to pent-up demand, increased confidence, and accumulated savings and leave balances.

Once we get through the current Omicron challenge, the new research indicates how the visitor economy can make sure it benefits from the expected upturn.

As tourism operators know, there are two ways to grow the market:

  • by increasing the total number of travellers
  • by attracting larger numbers of high-value travellers

For sustainable growth, however, it may be better to develop experiences that attract high-value travellers. These can provide economic and employment benefits with a smaller environmental and social footprint.

Further details available on the Austrade website.