Future of Demand – new consumer research

With so much change in the tourism category over the past two years, this research provided by Tourism Australia is very timely. It has been designed to support Australia’s tourism industry, across its many facets, to make decisions about where demand exists and ways to maximise the opportunities in this critical period of recovery.

Most tourism businesses are either sole traders or have a small team. Recognising the lean nature of many tourism businesses, TA have endeavoured to provide a high level of insights across all sectors. As a result, the nature and scope of this research is quite complex as TA have endeavoured to deliver as much richness as possible. The research covers 143 experiences across 20 markets and four target audiences: the High Yielding Traveller, Premium, Working Holiday Makers, and a more generic Long Stay audience.  There were also three deep dive sections covering Sustainable travel, Indigenous insights, and Accessible Travel.

Read more and see the full research insights on the Tourism Australia website.