‘Lights On, Doors Open’ Stipend Program Supporting Volunteer-led Museums in NSW

Funding body:

NSW Government

Funding program:

'Lights On, Doors Open' Stipend Program

Closing date:



  • Industry / private enterprise
  • NFP organisations

The ‘Lights On, Doors Open’ stipend program has been established to relieve the pressures faced by volunteer-led museums and Aboriginal cultural spaces in NSW. With a total funding of $226,000, this initiative by the NSW Government aims to provide crucial financial support to cover essential expenses like rent and electricity bills. By offering this assistance, the program aims to support eligible organisations, reduce the burden of constant fundraising, and allow them to focus on collections, maintenance, and best practices.

Grants of $2,000 are available for eligible applicants.

What does the funding cover?
Various short-term, operational projects, such as (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • Bills for amenities
  • Small maintenance jobs
  • IT support
  • Small marketing projects
  • Fees for service