Libby Cupitt

Role: Director

Libby Cupitt has 15 years of experience in the hospitality, tourism and wine industries and is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Cupitt’s Estate, a renowned family-operated hospitality and tourism business in Ulladulla. Libby is on the Executive Committee for the Shoalhaven Coast Wine Association, South Coast Tourism Industry Association and South Coast Food Alliance.

With expertise as a problem solver, connector, and advocate, Libby has forged impactful partnerships, positively contributing to the broader tourism community. Her strategic thinking and stakeholder engagement skills have paved the way for successful initiatives that have improved the region’s tourism offerings.

Libby brings a distinctive perspective to her board role by leveraging her background as a town planner and her hands-on experience in the tourism industry. With her comprehensive understanding of urban planning intricacies and expertise in driving sustainable development, she hopes to shape the organisation’s strategic direction, fostering the growth and prosperity of the Sydney Surrounds South regions.

Libby’s personal interests beautifully align with her passion for the hospitality industry. Her love for travel, diverse culinary scenes, and exceptional food and wine enhance her ability to create unforgettable visitor experiences. By blending her personal and professional dedication, Libby consistently works towards elevating the region’s reputation as a must-visit destination for culinary and tourism enthusiasts.