Dave Campbell

Role: Director

Dave Campbell is a creative director, start-up founder, and business development consultant, renowned for his expertise in culture, strategy, and growth. With a background in hospitality, tourism, and the startup sector, Dave has established himself as a natural leader and an entrepreneur with a keen eye for creative development, partnerships, communication, and strategy.

Dave has worked as Executive Chef in Australia, London, New York, and Los Angeles. As the founder of Ducking Good Social in 2008, Dave pioneered a consultancy arm that partnered with primary producers to enhance the value of their products. Through his consultancy, Dave has provided invaluable guidance in product and concept development, business planning, technology, talent and culture, and recruitment and retention planning.

Dave’s career includes founding and operating two Sydney-based restaurants and two South Coast NSW restaurants, where he cultivated partnerships with key stakeholders, fostering domestic and international tourism for the region.

Currently serving on the Operational Management team at The Shellharbour Club, a members-owned nonprofit organization, Dave oversees strategic and development planning for multiple venues.