Brenda Sambrook

Role: Centre of Excellence Champion

Brenda Sambrook has been part of the Shoalhaven South Coast community since 2005, spending the first few years setting up her farm and olive groves and from 2010 has been working with like-minded people to increase awareness of the value of our tourism and hospitality operators, along with growing visitation to the region and promoting the “food bowl” that is the Shoalhaven South Coast. 

Brenda has always been an ardent advocate of high-quality produce, with a passion for growing and creating products and menus, using fresh and local ingredients. Operating as both Kangaroo Valley Olives, a true Boutique Olive Producer with 600 hundred olive trees only, and Highgrove Estate (under which she offers events and experiences on her 80-acre farm), Brenda works collaboratively with other “experience providers” along with chefs and artisans to show her commitment to and love of agricultural produce and how it can best be showcased now and in the future. 

Futureproofing the tourism and hospitality industries of the Shoalhaven South Coast, by building capacity in these industries through skills development; new recruitment, and preservation of current workforce; is fundamental to the survival and expansion of both industries. Programs and events which deliver these outcomes are meaningful and crucial to this happening, and Brenda is intent on contributing to these endeavours.