Belinda Dorsett

Role: Centre of Excellence Champion

Belinda has been the sole owner and Executive chef of The Mossy Group for 7 years. Prior to purchasing the Mossy CafeĢ Belinda had a pet care business in Canberra that she originally started as a way to help out friends who had pets. Prior to her becoming a business owner Belinda worked in various roles across in the private, public and not for profit sectors. During her time in the Australian Public Service Belinda worked in multiple corporate support roles which, included recruitment and retention. Belinda then moved to London where she took on a variety of contracts in the private and not for profit sectors, primarily working in project management and change management roles.

Belinda’s study endeavours have been just as varied as her career with her completing tertiary qualifications in marketing, media and HR management. Belinda has also completed vocational qualifications in risk management, project management and commercial cooking